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One-Eighty Conference

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  • Details
    • We live in an age of unparalleled opportunity and choice, of convenience and pleasure.  But as exciting as life in the modern world is, living the modern life has become an increasingly perplexing and empty.

      Not only does the modern world fail to deliver as advertised, it insinuates itself into our lives such that we find ourselves more fractured and isolated than ever before.  Families are divided by self-centeredness, destroyed by immorality, and disintegrated by divorce.  With the most basic human institution under assault, people don’t know how to relate to one another in a civil manner.  The culture is literally tearing itself apart.

      The only reprieve and refuge from the chaos of the ignorant and ungodly is the local church, the one place where God’s Word is to be honored and obeyed.  The Bible teaches God’s plan of redemption through the gospel of Jesus Christ, which first reconciles man to God, and then man to man.  God’s Word is absolutely inerrant and totally sufficient.  It teaches everything pertaining to life and godliness, including how to please God in our marriages, families, and friendships.  That’s what the Bible teaches, and that’s what the church practices.  Or is supposed to…

      The sad reality is that most people walking into evangelical churches today are confused and perplexed by what they find.  Churches strive to become the next big mega-thing have lowered the doctrinal bar and refused to help people repent of sin.  In place of God’s actual Word, people hear glib sermons—superficial and worldly—pouring out of the pulpit in twenty- to thirty-minute digestible bites.  Nothing of substance to help people change.

      When suffering people seek something deeper, some help for growing healthy, godly marriages and families, many churches refer these people to well-educated “experts” who do further damage.  The kind of counseling taught by the largest, most popular Christian institutions today is intermixed with the same secularist worldviews that contributed to the problems in the first place.

      People living in the modern world don’t need good public speakers; they need shepherds—pastors who fear the Lord, with the courage to love them by telling the truth.  People don’t need therapists, peddling the latest worldly theories of psychology and sociology; they need Christians—forgiven people who pursue genuine friendship and reconciliation in the local church.  People don’t need behavior modification and external reform; they don’t need coping mechanisms.  People need Christ, and fellow Christians who will encourage and disciple them toward greater conformity to Christ.

      That’s what the One-Eighty Conference is all about—doing an “about face” from the psycho-therapeutic culture of worldly wisdom to pursue a truly biblical culture of discipleship and counseling.  As Colossians 1:28 says, “Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ.”

      We are joined this year by Stuart and Zondra Scott during the week for the pre-conference, and John Street for the weekend conference.  All of them are biblical, faithful, preeminent voices in the biblical counseling movement.  With clarity and accuracy, they will help us diagnose the current culture in the church and chart the way forward in a way that pleases God and truly helps people change.

      Mark your calendars for June 27-30, and invite your family, church, and friends. 

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  • Speakers
    •  Street

      Dr. John Street

      Dr. John Street is professor and department chair for the graduate programs in Biblical
      Counseling at The Master’s University & Seminary in Santa Clarita, California. In addition to
      his ministry at TMU, he is an elder and lay pastor at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley,
      California. John is a second-generation pastor, giving more than 35 years to pastoral ministry.
      He was the founding pastor of Clearcreek Chapel in Springboro, Ohio, where he also built a
      strong counseling program and training center with a special emphasis in training pastors. He currently serves as the president of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC).
      John is married to Janie, his wife of 40 years, and they have been blessed with four children and six grandchildren.

      Scott Cropped

      Stuart and Zondra Scott

      Stuart Scott teaches in the graduate program of biblical counseling at The Master’s
      University in Santa Clarita, CA. He has over forty years of experience in counseling and
      pastoral ministry. He is the membership director and a Fellow with the Association of
      Certified Biblical Counselors. Stuart is an author as well and is married to his wife
      Zondra and they have two grown children and two grandchildren.

      Zondra spends most of her ministry time serving in her local church and
      assisting her husband Stuart, who is presently in ministry at The Master’s
      University and Member Care Director at ACBC. She holds a Bible degree
      from Columbia Bible College, was a respiratory therapist in days gone by
      and is a Certified Counselor with the Association of Certified Biblical
      Counselors (ACBC). She has taught in Christian, public and college schools
      and is a mother of two grown children, Christa and Marc and a grandmother
      of 2. She served along side her husband as a pastor’s wife for more than 30
      years, having opportunities to counsel and disciple women one on one, teach
      classes, speak to women’s groups and minister in music. Zondra has a
      particular passion to help herself and other women think more biblically, in
      conversation with the Lord, for greater faith, service and joy.

  • Schedule
    • One-Eighty Pre-conference Workshops with Stuart and Zondra Scott

      Wednesday, June 27

                      7-9:30 PM –Workshops 1 and 2

      Thursday, June 28

                      7-9:30 PM – Workshops 3 and 4

      One-Eighty Conference with John Street

      Friday, June 29

                      7-9:30 PM – Conference Sessions 1 and 2

      Saturday, June 30

                      9-11:30 AM – Conference Sessions 3 and 4

                      11:30 AM-1:00 PM – Break for Lunch

                      1:15-3:30 PM – Conference Sessions 5 and 6

                      3:45-5:15 PM – Conference Session 7, and Closing.

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