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The Cry for Justice - Psalm 11

Our world suffers from injustice as many voices howl for their own view or version of justice. As humans affected by sin, we are unable to have true justice, as each one of us has a view of perfection and balance that is tainted by our experiences and our selfishness....

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Let’s Be Careful What We Call a Conspiracy

Citing a recent example, Pastor Travis Allen speaks to the need for Christians to use discernment while interacting in our social media driven culture; imploring us not to be deceived or distracted from the primary conspiracy we are to concern ourselves with....

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Sing to the Lord!

In this short video Dr. Ren Merry instructs us on the important role of music and singing within the church, and then shows us how to do them well....

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What is Christ Doing With The Corona Virus?

Pastor Travis Allen dives into applying the reality of Christ's death to question the choices in our lives - for the unbeliever and believers as well!...

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Get Fed!

While we can say, “so far so good” (as far as we know), and while we can be honest and acknowledge that this is not what we prefer, we also need to remember to,...

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Can a Christian Flee Deadly Plague

Video message from pastor Travis Allen: Instruction and encouragement from Martin Luther for such a time as this....

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Our Response to Covid-19

Dear Grace Church, Well, it's happened. The Greeley Tribunehas informed everyonethat the Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment "on Monday afternoon issued a pandemic health emergency and a public health order requiring social distancing and canceling events of 10 or more people." The news obviously required a quick update to our elder agenda, and we hav...

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