Get Fed!

While we can say, “so far so good” (as far as we know), and while we can be honest and acknowledge that this is not what we prefer, we also need to remember to,

 Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

 FIRST, to make sure you stay steady and keep thinking biblically, we want to encourage you to continue your daily habit of Bible reading and prayer.  The daily reading program we use is updated daily on the Grace to You website, so stay current—a daily diet of God’s Word will always be exactly what the Great Physician has ordered.  Add Scripture memory and meditation to your daily routine, put what you read into practice, and let the Spirit renew your mind by filling you with all the fullness of God in Christ.

 SECOND, to augment your personal exposure to Scripture, we’d like to suggest a number of excellent online resources for biblical and theological content.  Available online or by podcast (i.e., you can get it delivered to your smartphone), listen to what interests you and you’ll be greatly edified.

 Please use the time during these Coronavirus days to keep on growing in God’s Word.  Happy listening, happy learning!

 Love in the Truth,



Grace Church (

We’re starting with our own church’s resources because we realize there may be a number of you who don’t realize all the content we have available.  Getting familiar with what we’ve been teaching over the years will help you assimilate more fully into the life of this very special local church.  You can get caught up with sermons you missed from Luke or Philippians; listen in on the men’s theology class or Psalm 119; or learn to think more carefully about local outreach (i.e., apologetics & evangelism) and more far-reaching outreach (i.e., missions).


Grace to You (

This is the repository of the preaching ministry of John MacArthur, the faithful shepherd with a steady, reliable voice of solid exposition for more than fifty years of pastoral ministry under his belt.  Grace to You does what it does with the highest excellence and integrity, and you will be greatly encouraged by perusing all this website has to offer.


Founders Ministries (

Tom Ascol is pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Cape Coral, Florida, a wise and seasoned pastor, and a good friend of Grace Church.  He and his associate pastor, Jared Longshore, host The Sword & the Trowel podcast, addressing critical issues facing the church.


Ligonier Ministries (

The late R. C. Sproul built this ministry to provide theological and apologetic resources—the repository is at this deep, rich website.  You can get a look at all there is to learn by going to this page, but we’d recommend you start with the classic series, “The Holiness of God,” which is Dr. Sproul at his best.


Albert Mohler (

Albert Mohler is the president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and one of the nation’s leading cultural commentators because he’s able to digest massive amounts of information, assess them from a Christian worldview, and communicate clearly.  There’s a lot to peruse on his website but you’ll especially benefit from his daily 20-minute podcast,The Briefing, as well as his longer format interviews with authors and thinkers calledThinking in Public.


Mortification of Spin (

This hosts of this weekly podcast (Carl Trueman, Todd Pruit, Aimee Byrd), coming from a Presbyterian perspective, enjoy light-hearted banter while providing reliable exposure and critique of theological issues in the larger evangelical movement.


Pastors’ Talk (

The website is dedicated to “equipping church leaders with a biblical vision and practical resources for building healthy churches,” which is Mark Dever’s signature contribution to today’s evangelical situation.  The weekly podcast, Pastor’s Talk, is an immensely helpful resource for exposure and analysis of issues pertaining to local church/pastoral ministry.


The Christian Worldview (

David Wheaton is a former tennis pro who used his platform to produce a weekly radio program focused on evangelism/worldview analysis.  He interviews a wide array of interesting guests with faithful voices on a wide range of interesting topics.


White Horse Inn (

This website and radio program are driven by the energy and thinking of Michael Horton who has provided several decades of clear-voiced critique and correction, calling for a modern reformation.  This year’s radio program is dedicated to working through the book of Romans, with some exposition and reflection on what Romans has to say to today’s world.


Credo (

Matthew Barrett is a theology professor at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and one of the bright stars rising in the evangelical firmament.  His podcast provides theological meat, digestible for many of you who are devouring the STM material.


Theology on the Go

Jonathan Master is the president of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and the host of another meaty theology podcast called Theology on the Go.  He is often joined on the podcast by James Dolezal, both of them providing sound theological explanation and insight.


Churchman Podcast (

Jerry Wragg is the pastor of Grace Immanuel Bible Church in Jupiter, Florida and provides seasoned wisdom on a variety of pastoral, local church-related issues.