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We had another wonderful day of worship together this past Sunday. First we delved into Luke’s record of Jesus’ genealogy to discover profound truths about our Savior. Then we enjoyed a time of Bible Q&A, which raised some questions and interest in further study. Here’s the follow-up, for your edification…

Confronting the Cults
Ever had the experience of going round and round with people involved in a cult or false religion? They use the same terms you do (e.g., God, Jesus, heaven, salvation, gospel), but somehow you feel like you get nowhere with the gospel. Well, you’re not alone. One of our members asked a question about sharing the gospel with people caught up in heretical error—this primer may provide a good starting point.

Paul Disqualified?
What was Paul referring to when he spoke of being disqualified in 1 Corinthians 9:27? Some say he was concerned about getting knocked out of ministry. Others believe Paul thought he could lose his salvation. Here’s a sermon that’ll help you understand what Paul was really teaching, and to make practical use of that vital (and spiritually motivating) verse.

God & Politics
Lastly, an interesting question came at the end about the recent event held at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary called “God & Politics, a conversation with R. Albert Mohler and Cal Thomas.” Albert Mohler (SBTS president) and Cal Thomas (syndicated columnist) are both well-known to be godly men, men of great intellect, and men who understand the times (i.e., very insightful cultural commentators).

We hosted a live stream viewing of the event, which generated a good deal of interest among folks during this contentious election year. The event grew out of Albert Mohler’s brief critique of Cal Thomas’ article, “Republicans should cut the God talk”—click here to read Thomas’ article; click here (and scroll down) listen to Mohler’s critique.

By all means, don’t be satisfied with the summary of my opinion. Watch the “God & Politics” event for yourself, compare with Scripture, and come to your own conclusions!

Happy studying, everyone!

Travis Allen


What a great set of resources! Thank you for taking the time to assist us. Can't wait to dig in!

Travis also spoke wise words about discipling others. 1. We are ALL commanded by Jesus Christ to disciple, which includes teaching after a new believer is baptized (Matt. 28.19). 2. "Discipling" and "disciple" have identical roots, so discipling a believer must include accountability and, if the brother or sister is in sin, confrontation. 3. As church members, our first responsibility is to disciple others in the local body--both the discipled and discipler are under the authority structure of the local church leadership. Discipling someone under the authority of a different local church's leadership may present conflicts in theology. 4. There is a big difference between meeting together for coffee, reading through a book together, sharing life news, etc., and discipling someone. The former is more socializing than discipleship. Discipling is intentional, purposeful, biblical--seeking to love the disciple by helping him or her grow in Christ.

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