Stewardship/Discipleship Events

We have two excellent learning opportunities coming up in the near future! In lieu of our regular Grace Bible Hour teaching, we will be hosting Tom Bevan of The Master’s Seminary for a Biblical Stewardship seminar on January 27th. Also, the following Sunday (January 31st) we will have a discipleship training session for the men. More details and links below.

Biblical Stewardship

Join us Wednesday, January 27 (6:00-7:30pm) for a biblical stewardship seminar—this is vital preparation for an uncertain future. Tom Bevan is the presenter (Vice President of Ministry Endowment, The Master’s Seminary), with a background in business and church ministry. When you understand and practice biblical stewardship, you’ll be free from fear, stable during trials, and instilled with confidence. Thoroughly biblical, utterly life-changing—you won’t want to miss it! Registration is free, but we need an accurate count to produce materials.

Discipleship Training

Men, God designed you to lead and teach others. It’s in your DNA, and you know it. That said, you may not always know where to go, and what you’ll say when you get there, but you do know God’s Word has all the answers. How to find those answers for yourself, and how to teach them effectively to others—those are skills that require training. And we want to help.
To help you become more effective leaders and teachers, we’re going to start by becoming better, more skillful Bible students. We’ll meet once a quarter for a 4-hour intensive on a Sunday afternoon (January 31, May 1, August 7, and December 4); each session will be informative, interactive, and effective in providing you with the tools you need to lead and teach others.
Registration is free, and we have plenty of room to register men, but we need an accurate count to prepare.

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