The Importance of Holiness (Dr. Sproul)

The Holiness of God: The Importance of Holiness
R.C. Sproul


  1.  Begin with reading Psalm 96 and prayer.

  2. In light of the state of evangelicalism (i.e., weak, shallow, and theologically confused), and the state of our nation (i.e., increasingly antichristian), we must anchor our church deeply in the doctrine of God.

  3. Read chapter two of The Baptist Confession of Faith (1689), “Of God and of the Holy Trinity.” The final line of section three says, the “doctrine of the Trinity is the foundation of all our communion with God, and comfortable dependence on him.”

  4. For the sake of our church’s growth (discipleship), and for the sake of our church’s witness to the world (evangelism; cf. Ps. 96:9-10), we must turn away from all shallow religion and deepen our understanding of God. So we begin by considering “The Importance of Holiness.


  1. Read Isaiah 6:1. What parallels do you see between our day and Isaiah’s day (in the year King Uzziah died), comparing the religious situation of his nation at that time with ours?

  2. Read Isaiah 6:1-2. There has been a spirit in evangelicalism to make God more familiar, less transcendent, to focus emphasize His imminence and neglect to consider His holiness. What does the throne room setting and the behavior of the seraphim teach us about that evangelical tendency?

  3. Read Isaiah 6:3-4. How did this vision of the enthroned, divine majesty, and the antiphonal recitation of His holiness affect Isaiah? Do you think that experience and its effect eventually wore off?


  1. What new things did you learn about the holiness of God? What practical impact do those truths make on your life?

  2. The vision of God that affected Isaiah for good—does God want us to be affected like that? How does that happen?

  3. What do you plan to do differently as a result of studying this lesson? What changes do you need to make (i.e., in your life, in your schedule) to succeed in those plans?

  4. Close with Hymn #1, “Holy, Holy, Holy,” and prayer.