Justin Peters: Clouds Without Water

February 3, 2019 to February 5, 2019

  • February 3, 2019:
  • February 4, 2019:
  • February 5, 2019:

Location: 6400 W 20th St, Greeley, Colorado 80634

Category: Adult Teaching | Coordinator: Josh Oedy

Clouds Without Water is comprised of an introductory session, “The Duty of Discernment” and 3 primary sessions, “Dangerous Doctrines,” “Mangled Manifestations,” and “The Hurt of Healing.”

  • The Duty of Discernment – This session defines the Word of Faith movement, defines discernment, gives the biblical precedent for it, and answers some of the common objections people will raise (e.g., “Judge not, ” “You shouldn’t name names,” and “Touch not My anointed,” etc.) from Scripture.
  • Dangerous Doctrines – This is the first primary session and in it we will explore the metaphysical cultic origins of the movement as well as some of the standard doctrines which the Faith preachers teach that deviate from historical Christianity.  We will look at the doctrines of Positive Confession, the Little gods doctrine, Softening of Sin, Spiritual Death of Jesus (SDJ), and ther errant Christology.
  • Mangled Manifestations – In this session we will explore some of the more dramatic and spectacular things of the charismatic/Word of Faith movement such as the abuse of the gift of tongues, the practice of being slain in the Spirit, people who claim they have been to Heaven (ex: Jesse Duplantis, Don Piper, and Colton Burpo, etc.), false prophecies, and how God does and does not speak to us today.
  • The Hurt of Healing – In this final session we will examine the issue of physical healing.  Is it always God’s will for a believer to be healed?  Is healing provided for in the Atonement (per Isaiah 53:4-5)?  If a person is not healed is it because he does not have enough faith or has not “sown a seed to reap a harvest”? (No.)  Does God still heal people today? (Yes, but only when it is His will.)

 About Justin Peters

Justin Peters was born and raised in Vicksburg, Mississippi.  He graduated from Mississippi State University in 1995, then earned two degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2000 and 2002.  It was not until he was a preacher, though, that God brought Justin to genuine faith in Christ.

Believing firmly in the inspiration, authority, and sufficiency of Scripture, Justin is committed to expository preaching, which he practices and defends.  As a defender of Scripture, Justin has helped many churches grow in discernment by confronting predatory doctrines through his well-known critique, Clouds without Water: A Biblical Critique of the Word of Faith Movement.  Justin travels frequently, teaching seminars throughout the United States and around the world, preaches regularly, and hosts a daily radio program.  He is also the author of Do Not Hinder Them:  A Biblical Examination of Childhood Conversion.

Justin married his wife, Kathy, in 2010; they live near Sandpoint, Idaho, and are active members of Kootenai Community Church.  You can find more information about Justin, the ministry to which God has entrusted him, and contact information at his website (justinpeters.org).