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We had a great conference in September of 2021 with speakers Travis Allen, Phil Johnson and Don Green.  The audio can be found here.


What is an evangelical?  What is evangelicalism?  If you think those questions have easy answers today, you may not be up to speed on current events.

The terms evangelical and evangelicalism have a biblical origin, from the Greek word for gospel (euangélion), so their meanings might seem simple to nail down:  an evangelical is someone who evangelizes, who preaches the gospel (evangel); and evangelicalism is a movement recognized for its evangelistic character.  The etymology may seem to put the answer within easy reach, but the reality has become far more complicated.

Over the past two decades, we have witnessed the decline of once-stalwart evangelical institutions and the fall of celebrated evangelicals, the inevitable result of pragmatism and worldliness.  We’ve watched groups of evangelicals coalesce into competing political blocs, some voting right and some voting left, but all of them self-proclaimed evangelicals.

In more recent years, the same social, cultural, and political issues that have torn the world to shreds—race riots, BLM, and the charge of systemic racism; sex-abuse scandals and the #MeToo movement; cynical scholarship (critical race theory, intersectionality); second-wave feminism and the LGBTQ+ movement—have fractured evangelicalism as well.

With evangelicalism divided, in some cases irreparably, this is a good time to regroup, pick up the pieces, and examine ourselves.  This is the perfect time to reassert the creeds and confessions, the Reformation solas, and the doctrines of God’s sovereign grace.  The theology that once set the standard of orthodoxy for evangelicalism is needed, now more than ever, to captivate the hearts of God’s people and guide the churches and their pastors.

We want to see a new generation of evangelicals rise up, reform evangelicalism, and rediscover the true beauty of the evangel, in all its divine glory.  Perhaps God will grant us kindness, in our time, to pour out His Spirit and revive the land.

To that end, Travis Allen will be joined by several good friends, steadfast pastors and modern reformers:  Don Green, and Phil Johnson.  These men are proven and faithful witnesses to gospel truth, keen observers of the pressures that face the Church, and wise leaders who provide sound counsel in troubled times.  Together they will assess the state of evangelicalism and point the way to righteousness.

We have kept the cost of the conference as low as possible to allow many to come.  Since space is limited, register right away to reserve your spot. If you have any questions, you can write or call us at the Grace Church office (; 970-330-1340).


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Speaker Info:

    Travis Allen

Travis is the senior pastor of Grace Church in Greeley, CO, and the featured Bible teacher on The Pillar of Truth radio program.  Travis was ordained at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, where he served as a pastor.  He served as managing director of Grace to You, John MacArthur’s media ministry, which played a significant role in setting the course of his early discipleship.  Travis now serves on the board of Founders Ministries.



Don Green

Don is the founding pastor of Truth Community Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the featured Bible teacher of The Truth Pulpit radio program.  Don left his law practice in Chicago to pursue seminary training at The Master’s Seminary.  He was ordained at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, where he served as a pastor.  Don served as the managing director of Grace to You, the media ministry of John MacArthur, which he continues to serve as a board member.



Phil Johnson 

Phil Johnson is the executive director of Grace to You, the media ministry of John MacArthur; he has edited most of John MacArthur’s major books and provided wise leadership to the ministry since 1983.  For several decades, Phil has provided pastoral oversight to Grace Community Church as an elder and has served as a pastor since the mid-1990s.  Phil is the founder and former curator of (now The Spurgeon Center) a repository of sermons, articles, and history of Charles Spurgeon.


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