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Theme: Confronting the Threat of Critical Theory, Social Justice
Purpose: promote (1) sound Bible-teaching, (2) likeminded fellowship, and (3) likeminded partnership among churches in northern Colorado


Friday, September 27, 7:00–9:00pm (Registration opens 6:00 pm, bookstore open 6:00-9:30pm, closed during sessions)
Saturday, September 28, 1:00–4:30pm (bookstore open 12:00-5:00pm, closed during sessions)
Sunday, September 29, 5:00–8:00pm (bookstore open 4:00-8:30pm, closed during sessions)

About the Conference

“Social justice” has entered American social, political, cultural life, freighted in with a glossary of new terms from the playbook of Critical Theory. There is now a new narrative of American history, namely, that Western civilization has been built on the foundation of injustice—racism, colonialism, oppression, and victimization. Perhaps you haven’t noticed it, working 50-60 hours per week to make a living, but for decades our young people have been drinking this neo-Marxist stuff in college and university, and now in primary and secondary school as well.

That’s why today’s trendsetting institutions— education, entertainment, news media, politics, and corporations—have been falling all over themselves in the race to show themselves on “the right side of history.”

As Christians, we must realize that this is the world we live and minister in. We must stand firm in this changing tide of culture. Christ has commanded us to evangelize the world, so we must love the sinners who are under the influence of neo-Marxism and Critical Theory. There is no atonement for ‘white guilt,’ no true justice in the pursuit of social justice. True atonement for guilt, full salvation from the just penalty of guilt, are found only in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As Christians, we must also realize that we have an obligation to love one another, as brothers and sisters which means we need to help other Christians to resist the cultural tide and stand firm with us. It’s a tall order.

On September 27-29, we have the privilege of hearing from Dr. Tom Ascol, Pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Cape Coral, Florida, and Executive Director of Founders Ministries. Dr. Ascol has been at the forefront of confronting the threat of Critical Theory on the national level and in his beloved home, the Southern Baptist Convention. His theological insight into the dangers we face and his biblical counsel about how Christians can stand firm today are second to none.

We want to encourage you to come, get informed, grow in discernment, and learn how to love your neighbor well. Christian and non-Christian alike are affected by the shifting sands of American culture; but only the Christian is able to stand firm on the bedrock of divine truth, the inerrant, unchanging Word of God. And if you are a pastor, elder, deacon, or church leader, consider this an unmissable opportunity for helping you shepherd and protect the flock.

The conference is FREE, but we need you to register so we can make preparations to host you. (Click here to sign up now.) If you have any questions, you can write or call us at the Grace Church office (; 970-330-1340.

Speaker Bio
Dr. Tom Ascol has served as a Pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Cape Coral Florida since 1986. He has also served as an adjunct professor of theology for several seminaries. Dr. Ascol currently serves as the Executive Director of Founders Ministries, a parachurch ministry “committed to encouraging the recovery of the gospel and the biblical reformation of local churches.”

Dr. Ascol is a regular conference speaker for Founders Ministries, G3, and others, and a prolific writer. He edits the Founders Journal, writes for several blogs, and has written hundreds of articles for various journals and magazines, including Ligonier Ministries’ TableTalk, for which he is a regular contributor.

Tom and his wife Donna have ten children, which include three sons-in-law and a daughter-in-law. They also have five granddaughters, one of whom has preceded them into the land of the living, and five grandsons.