Bret was born and raised in Greeley Colorado and attended Grace Church as he grew up. The Lord saved him in 2001 and has had a desire to serve the Lord ever since. After high school he was involved in College and Student ministries at Grace Church while he worked full time in the construction industry.

In 2007 Bret married Kayla Hastings who is the perfect help-meet that the Lord could have provided. She is his greatest encouragement and does all she can to support him in the ministry the Lord has given them. The Lord has blessed them with three girls: Kyree, Alexis, and Elizabeth.

Bret’s desire for the ministry materialized into a full time position at the church, and in 2012 was given the Student Director position. After several years of ministry, Bret and the Elders of Grace Church decided it would be best for him to get further education for the ministry that he might return to help equip the saints for the ministry (Eph. 4:11-12). In 2017 Bret and his family moved to California to attend the Master’s Seminary in pursuit of a formal theological education in order to better serve Grace Church. Bret graduated in May 2020 with a BA of Theology and eagerly returned to Grace Church that same month to be a part of what the Lord is doing in Greeley. He now serves as an assistant pastor—training the saints to better be the means by which Jesus Christ builds his church, which prevails against the gates of hell (Matt. 16:18).